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Zero Gravity Lift Chairs

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 So, what exactly IS a zero-gravity lift chair and what can it do for you? Allow me to share my findings with you!

I'm going to discuss the benefits and the best zero-gravity lift chairs on the market today. Once you're through, you'll be able to determine if a zero-gravity lift chair is right for you!

Let's begin by explaining exactly what "zero-gravity" means when it comes to a lift chair...

Any zero-gravity chair will distribute your weight evenly across the chair. This is referred to as "zero-gravity". You essentially eliminate the force of gravity.

So, how exactly does that help you? Let's find out...

By using the reclining function on your zero-gravity lift chair, you can bring your legs above your heart. Not only does this reduce stress on the heart, it encourages circulation and blood flow which produces numerous benefits!

Back Pain / Muscle Tension
We all know back pain can be debilitating! Having to live with degenerative disc disease, I'm no stranger to the lack of restful comfort. A zero-gravity lift chair essentially eliminates pressure on the spine. So, sleep away!

Speaking of sleep, there are entirely too many people suffering needlessly from insomnia. Why depend on daily medication for relief? These chairs encourage a natural sleeping schedule!

Lung Function
Many zero-gravity chairs will recline to a sleeping position so let's think about this for a second... While you are in this position, there is much less pressure on the diaphragm and your lungs are able to expand freely. In time, the increased lung expansion will result in improved lung function.

Blood Flow
Going back to reclining with your legs above your heart, we all know this encourages blood flow. What we don't think about are the benefits of improving blood flow. When your blood begins to circulate at a more rapid speed, it's going to be directed to areas in your body that don't typically reach optimal levels. That's certainly a win!

So, how are you doing so far? Do you feel a zero-gravity lift chair would benefit your health and well-being? I certainly do!

So, let's move on to the top-rated zero gravity lift chairs... 

If the zero gravity lift chairs exceed your needs, Amazon sells loungers. The features are still desirable but the functions are slightly more limited than those associated with lift chair recliners. Here are a few examples of the top-rated zero-gravity loungers...


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