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Types Of Treadmills
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As mentioned on my Top 10 Treadmills blog, there are many different types of treadmills.  Choosing the right one is no simple task.  So, I've decided to break them down for you.  Once you've found the type of treadmill you need, you can head on over to my Top 10 Treadmills and compare.  Enjoy!


Did you know there's actually TWO types of Folding Treadmills you can buy?  There's your Folding Treadmill and then your Budget Folding Treadmills.  The Budget Folding Treadmills typically don't include a heart rate monitor or chest strap and some have a shorter running belt.  So, be aware when buying a Budget Folding Treadmill.  Your Folding Treadmill will usually have heart-rate controlled set-up and chest strap heart-rate monitors.  The Folding Treadmills are better suited for runners.


No thank you!  :)  As mentioned in a few of my YouTube videos, I hate running!  With that said, I HAVE had the opportunity to experience a Running Treadmill and there's a huge difference.  If you're a runner or if you're serious about your fitness, spend the extra money and get a quality Running Treadmill!


If you're serious about tracking your heart-rate and staying within your zone, make sure you invest in a treadmill with a heart rate monitor.  Believe it or not, not all treadmills have them.  Some even have a simple sensor on the console.  You just put your thumb on it and TA-DA... you've got your heart rate!


Personally, if I were going to invest in a treadmill again, it would definitely have the incline option.  Now, there's two types of incline treadmills... electric and manual.  If you opt for a Manual Incline Treadmill, you will need to manually adjust the incline (duh... "manual").  If you opt for an Electric Incline Treadmill (I had this one), you just push a button on the console during your workout and it will incline / decline automatically.  So, be sure to check out the descriptions!


So, the truth is revealed.  Electric Treadmills burn more calories than Manual Treadmills.  The reason why?  When you use a manual treadmill, you're going to tire faster so you're going to burn less calories.  When you have an electric treadmill, it's said that the continuously moving belt keeps you engaged along with the various speeds that come with Electric Treadmills.  So, you decide :)


If after reading the above, you still want a manual treadmill, more power to you (see how I did that?).  So... if I didn't tell you that manual treadmills can be noisy AND they can take up a lot of space, I wouldn't be doing my job :)  Now... manual treadmills CAN be pretty pricey (not sure why).  The cheapest one I've found was around $94 and the most expensive one was more than $1900.  So if price is an issue, make sure you use the below option to Shop By Price (Low to High)!

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