My Weight Loss Journey
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I'm so very excited to share my Paleo weight loss journey with all of you.  If you're looking for my list of Paleo Foods & Products, Click Here. If you are new to Paleo and need some help getting started, here are some guides that I highly recommend:

While I do have several    recommendations when it comes to weight loss programs (you can find them here), Paleo was my personal choice and it was what worked for me.  So, for those of you who contacted me wanting to learn a little more about how I lost weight and got my life back, this is for you!

When I tell you I've been around the block and back 5,000 times over, I'm not exaggerating.  I've been in a constant weight loss battle my entire life and once I hit 40, it became worse than ever!  Not only did it become impossible to lose weight, I was gaining weight at a very fast pace and it began to seriously affect my health and mobility.

I had completely given up on the whole weight loss thing.  I had basically convinced myself that I was going to keep gaining weight and remain a miserable human being.  I was so sick and tired of trying every single diet known to man and getting absolutely nowhere! Enter my sister...

My sister had been on the Paleo diet for quite some time and while I was witness to her amazing results, I never allowed her to convince me to try it.  I mean, why would I have success with Paleo when I never had success with any other diet out there?  So, I completely ignored her plea for me to get on board.

About a year later, my family and I went to Orlando and my daughter took a video of me.  I thought she was only taking a photo so I was ok with that.  After all, if you get the pose and the crop just right, no one will ever know just how fat you are, right?  Well, I was surprised to find a lovely (enter sarcasm here) video on my phone when I got home.  That "lovely" clip is within the following video if you'd like to watch:

The first thing I did was move it from my phone to a hidden USB containing all of my "No One Will Ever See These" photos.  Perhaps you have one of those too?  Now, why I thought hiding that USB would prevent myself and others from seeing what I truly looked like is beyond me.  It didn't work.  I couldn't stop thinking about that video!  I think the reason it hit me so hard is because it was completely raw.  It not only reflected my true size, it reflected my poor posture, the difficulty I had walking a short distance and the sadness on my face that I tried so hard to hide.  So, I called my sister.

"Alright Janine... I'm ready.  What exactly is the Paleo Diet and what are the wonderful (sarcasm again) foods I can eat"?

My sister explained the complete Paleo weight loss program and vowed to hold my hand through the whole process (which she did).  She told me I could have bacon and hamburgers and potatoes and desserts.  She told me I wouldn't have to count calories.  I wouldn't have to ration my meals.  I wouldn't have to exercise.  What?!?!  And that, my friends, is where my journey began.

I am not only down 41 pounds, I am migraine-free, I no longer experience pain from a previous knee injury, I can see my ankles again (no inflammation) and I found my collar bone!

I know a thinner, happier, healthier future may seem unattainable to you right now.  Trust me... I've been there.  It's NOT!  If I can do it at 45 years old, anyone can do it!  Oh... one more thing... I still have not done one single bit of exercise!

If you are new to Paleo, here are some guides / programs I highly suggest to have in your hand before you get started. Preparation is KEY! You've got this!

You can also CLICK HERE for a list of the foods and products I've used to get me where I am today



   Best Deals    For The Home   Weight Loss   Lift Chairs  
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