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Instant Christmas Tree

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Have you ever seen something so amazing in your life? I can NOT believe that they make an INSTANT Christmas tree now! This is literally a pop-up Christmas tree! That's crazy!

So, I was on Amazon looking for a Black Christmas Tree because they seem to be all the rage this year and I came across this fully decorated, pre-lit, Pop Up Christmas Tree. Needless to say, I had to check it out and now I have a little problem. I want the Instant Christmas Tree AND I want the Black Christmas Tree. You can't blame me, can you? Look:

Okay, okay, okay... this blog isn't about the Black Christmas Tree. I just want you all to know the decisions I'm having to make right now. I want both! Anyway... If you want to see the Black Christmas Tree, they sell it on Amazon. You can see it here: Best Choice Black Christmas Tree. Now, let's get back to the instant pop-up tree...

Aren't they beautiful? Hmmm... Maybe I'll just get all the different sizes of the Instant Christmas Tree instead (I wish). Yes, it does come in three different sizes:

3 Foot Instant Christmas Tree

4 Foot Instant Christmas Tree

6 Foot Instant Christmas Tree

7 Foot Instant Christmas Tree

I must admit that I've always loved real Christmas trees but I never loved the stress that came along with them. First, you have to wait for the Christmas tree lots to open and then you have to spend an hour (or more) picking out the perfect one. You finally find the perfect one and you now have to figure out how you're going to strap it down to the hood of your car, get it through the door, pray that the trunk isn't too big for the stand, make sure it's straight and the bald spot is facing the wall.

If you think it stops there, you're mistaken.  Now you have to sweep up all the fallen needles (both under the tree and the whole trail you made trying to shove it through the door). PS: You'll never get all of them! I'm still finding pine needles a year later! 

I can really go on and on and on. It's making me wonder why I've bothered with a real Christmas tree for the past 25 years.It would have been so much easier to simply grab my Instant Pop-Up Tree, plug it in and be done. Sound glorious!

So, here's what we can expect with these nifty Christmas trees...

Space Saving Easy Storage
These Pop-Up Christmas Trees are designed to easily transform your home into a Christmas wonderland. All you have to do is place the Pop Up Christmas Tree in the sturdy plastic stand, pull it up and plug it in. That's it! Then, when you're ready to take it down, it collapses in minutes for easy storage.

Pre-Lit Decorated Tree in minutes!
This twinkling Pre-Lit Instant Christmas Tree features sparkling lights as well as festive ornaments, ribbon and it's even topped with a bow! They literally design these easy set-up Christmas Trees with us in mind!

As mentioned, the Pull-Up Christmas Tree comes in different sizes so you can find the perfect fit for any space. You can put it in the hallway, window, entry way, etc... These are totally ideal for the Christmas enthusiast (like me) or even for businesses!

So, now you know there's a super easy Instant Set-Up Christmas Tree out there waiting for you AND they're truly not that expensive! So... all of you scrooges out there have no excuse now! I was also shocked when I found out what a great deal these are! You can check the price here: Price Checker.

I will now leave you to your Christmas thoughts. Have fun, check back soon and make sure you check out more of my blogs here: Directory

Click Here for more information on the Pull-Up Tree by Holiday Peak.


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