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Heating Dog Beds
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I'm going to start of this blog with shopping, shopping, shopping!  Since it's quite cold out right now, you may be in a bit of a hurry.  So, if you just want to get right to it, you can use the Amazon shopping links below for their heating dog beds:

Moving on to the complete opposite of Cooling Dog Beds... Is there anything better than snuggling into an electric blanket during the cold winter months? I didn't think so. Well, despite their fur coat, our babies can get cold too. They also deserve that warm, fuzzy, home-sweet-home feeling! So, rather than bundling them up in some crazy dog sweater, let's take a look into heating dog beds.

Aopet Pet Electric Blanket Heater Mat

This is one of the top heating beds I've found. I like the fact that it has a chew resistant cord, overheat protection and it's even waterproof! You can get this one from Amazon for only $28.99.

Buy It Here On Amazon

AIVLAI Heating Pad / Bed Mat

Not only are heated dog beds good for the cold weather, they're also super comforting for puppies. You have to remember that, as puppies, they were most likely with their brothers and sisters prior to coming to you. That type of cuddling provides quite a bit of warmth. All of the sudden, they're by themselves and don't have their siblings to keep them warm. Bring them back to that special place, won't you? This one is a bit cheaper and also features a chew resistant cord which is a must-have for puppies! It's also certified by the FCC to ensure high quality and safe heating!

Buy It Here On Amazon!

IB Sound Electric Heating Pad

This one also has some really good reviews. I love the fact that it's pressure activated! Too cool! Again, there's a chew resistant cord and the cover is removable. Also, while the picture is showing this cute little teacup puppy, know that it comes in 3 different sizes. The small size is only $12.99. That's super cheap guys!

Buy It Here On Amazon!

So, I hope I gave you some good options. Here's the links I put at the beginning of the blog so you don't have to scroll back up if you want to look at some others:

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