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Cooling Dog Bed Review
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Hello my fur baby fanatics! As we get closer and closer to those warm, sun-shiny days, we're going to want to make sure our boys and girls are cool and comfy! So, I 'm here to give you my list of the Top 5 Cooling Dog Beds. Are ya ready? I sure am! Let's Go!


Number 5: AmazonBasics Elevated Cooling Pet Bed

Due to the type of fabric used in designing this cooling bed, it's breathable and it helps to keep dogs cool due to the air flow coming through the mesh fabric.

I also like the fact that it sits more than 7" off the ground so a nice air flow can get through. Another plus... A BIG plus... You can just spray it down to wash it. I don't know about you guys but when my Mastiff goes outside to play, she will find every bit of dirt she can possibly find and ROLL in it!   Speaking of my Mastiff (I mentioned this in my Waterproof Dog Bed blog)... I had one of the Coolaroo Pet Beds and when my Mastiff went to get on it, it slid and she freaked out! Keep in mind that my Mastiff is a big baby though. So, if you have a "big baby" at home and you think that might happen, make sure you put it on a non-skid surface or get the non-skid mats that go under area rugs. I truly wish I would have thought of that before I donated mine to the Humane Society. Although, being the way she is, I think it's safe to assume she would never attempt to get on it again after that. Just a little tip for you guys!

Oh... also remember to check the weight limit! Each size has a different weight limit. For example, the small bed has a weight limit of 90 pounds and the large bed has a weight limit of 150 pounds. So... keep an eye on that when you're choosing your bed during checkout.

So, is there anything bad about this cooling bed? Aside from "simple assembly required"?  Nothing at all! 

You can see more pictures or buy this one on Amazon:  Buy On Amazon

Number 4: Dogbed4less Orthopedic Cooling Memory Foam Dog Bed

Moving on to number 4! Yay! So... Dogbed4less gets amazing reviews on Amazon. They're definitely doing something right. Now, if they could just stop the horrible photo-shopped dogs on beds, that would be great!

I'm starting out with one of the best features of this cooling dog bed. After all, if you weren't interested in finding a cooling dog bed, you wouldn't be here, right? So... the memory foam in this dog bed is gel infused. It's actually temperature regulated so it will not only keep them cool in the heat, it will keep them warm in the cold. How awesome is that?

Now, I don't know about you guys but I have denim jeans that are ancient and are still holding up. What does that have to do with this cooling dog bed? The removable, washable, zipper-enhanced cover is made of 100% cotton jeans denim. This dog bed is made to last guys! No doubt about it!

Want more? How about the fact that it comes in SEVEN sizes? SEVEN! That's just crazy! And, the small size is only $59.95. If you've been shopping quality dog beds, you will realize that's an awesome price for not only a cooling dog bed but a memory foam, orthopedic cooling bed. Yeah! Great deal! Back to the pro's of this cooling dog bed...

The memory foam inside is:  Hypoallergenic, High Density, Top Rated, Flatten-Proof!  Is that even a word? "Flatten-proof"? Well, it is now! What I mean by that is it won't flatten over time like cheap memory foam does. Like the memory foam mattress pad I bought for my bed. Yeah... that!

Last but certainly not least... it has a waterproof liner and 2 external covers!

You can see more pictures or buy this one on Amazon here:  Buy On Amazon

Number 3: Dogbed4less Premium Memory Foam Dog Bed Mat

So, normally I wouldn't include a "mat" in my top 5 dog beds list. However, the Dogbed4less Memory Foam Dog Bed Mat is of such great quality, it deserves to be here. Not to mention, the price can't be beat! Right now, the Large size bed is only $39.95 and that's basically unheard of when you're looking for cooling dog beds! It actually comes in 5 different sizes!

The first awesome thing about this bed is the high quality, waterproof, SBR rubber, anti-slip bottom. So, not only will it stay in place, it will protect your floor / carpet should any accidents occur ♥ It's also good if your baby has their favorite bed and you just don't want to part with it. Put this on top and it will stay right in place!

Let's move on to the top quality memory foam in this baby! This cooling bed has a 4 pound density rating which promotes better sleep, healthy joints and ensures durability.  It's also treated with Ultra Flesh antimicrobial treatment. This means resistance to mold and mildew guys. Super important for those of us living out those hot, muggy summers!

Last but not least for this one... It's stain, dirt and wrinkle resistant. It's also machine washable. Double yay for that!

You can see more photos or buy this one on Amazon here:  Buy It On Amazon

Number 2: Elevated Pet Cot by 2PET - Deluxe Cooling Elevated Dog Bed

How can we not love this one? Seems as though Elevated Pet Beds are all the rage right now. Dog owners everywhere are buying them up and giving great reviews too. This one made number 2 not only because it's an elevated pet bed but because the replacement covers are just awesome! I'm all about variety and selection.

Ok... that's not all. A huge part of why this made number 2 is the fact that 2PETdonates a portion of their sales to various pet shelters and charities.  You go 2PET! You are awesome! I love when people give back. It says a lot for their business!

Moving on... just like the AmazonBasics elevated cooling bed, this one is raised 7" which gives a nice air flow. The assembly is super easy (as you can see) which means if you want to take it with you on trips, camping, etc..., it won't be a major ta-do!

I also want to point out... with these elevated pet beds... the design keeps mites, insects, dust particles and all that yucky stuff away from your baby. I like that kind!

In addition to the color choices, you also have your choice of size. So, make sure you are checking the dimensions before adding it to your cart. The small elevated bed is only $19.31. I mean, really? That's a super small price to pay to keep your dog cool this summer!

You can see more photos or buy this one on Amazon here:  Buy On Amazon

Number 1: iComfort Sleeper Sofa Pet Bed With Dual Action Cool Effects

Tell me this isn't the absolute perfect bed for Number 1 in the Cooling Dog Bed list! I am in absolute love with this bed. Not only does it offer the best in cooling action, it would look awesome in any room in your home!

Big plus! This bed has Cool Action Dual Effects memory foam. It not only keeps your baby cool, it offers pressure relieving comfort for even the biggest fur-baby!

Now, this only comes in 2 sizes and 2 colors but they chose excellent colors! It comes in grey and tan. Both very complimentary!

I also have to say... I love the fact that the cover is removable and machine washable. You don't usually find that feature on lounger dog beds.

You can see more photos or buy this on on Amazon here:  Buy On Amazon

So, that's it guys! We've made it to number one! I hope you enjoyed! For those of us looking for something a little different than my Top 5 Pick,

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